Juristic Person in Thailand

Juristic Person in Thailand

According to Thai Civil and Commercial Code, there are five types of juristic person, each having different liability 1) Ordinary Partnership; 2) Ordianry Registered Partnership; 3) Limited Partnership; 4) Company Limited; 5) Public Company Limited. However, the most common type of juristic person to run businesses in Thailand are as follows:

  1. Company Limited- The most common choice for all investors whether Thai investor or international investor. A Limited Company must have at least 2 shareholders, less than that, the Limited Company may be dissolved by the court. The liability of the shareholders, if the shareholders partly paid shares, the shareholders will be liable for the amount that is unpaid.
  2. Ordinary Partnership - Is a partnership which two or more persons agree to unite for a common undertaking, with a view of sharing profit which may be derived therefrom. All partners are jointly and unlimitedly liable for all the obligations of the partnership. The Oridinary Partnership is not mandatory to register, but by registering it can increase the reliability of the partnership.
  3. Limited Partnership - This type of juristic person is very similar to ordinary partnership. However, the differences are (1) It is madatory to register the Limited Partnership (2) There are two types of partner, a partner with limited liability and a partner with unlimited liability. The management of Limited Partnership can only be managed by the partner with unlimited liability, if the partner limited liability manage the partnership, such partner will become jointly and unlimedly liable for all the obligations of the partnership 
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