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Retirement Visa in Thailand

    If you are considering spending your golden years in Thailand, a long stay visa in Thailand, also known as a Retirement Visa, is the perfect option for you. The Retirement Visa allows individuals who are 50 years old or above to stay in Thailand for an extended period of time. This visa is specifically designed for retirees who wish to enjoy their retirement in the beautiful and culturally rich country of Thailand.

Requirements for

Thailand Retirement Visa

Individuals aged 50 and above are eligible to apply for the Thailand Retirement Visa, ensuring a hassle-free stay in this captivating country. If you share the same interest, taking the first step towards your retirement in Thailand involves applying for the retirement visa, and below, you'll find the listed requirements.

Obtain a Non-Immigrant Visa Category O (Non O VISA)

  • Must be 50 years old and above.
  • Have passport with validity of at least 6 months remaining before expiration
  • Proof of Accommodation in Thailand (if you apply for this visa within Thailand)
  • Bank statement showing proof of funds
  • Apply at the Thai Embassy abroad or Thai immigration office within Thailand.

Obtain a 1-year Retirement Visa Extension

  • Must be 50 years old and above.
  • Passport (signed copies of each page)
  • Non-Immigrant O Visa (Non O VISA)
  • TM30 receipt
  • Proof of meeting Financial Requirements such as bank statement (for income)
  • Income Certificate from the embassy in Thailand (applicants nationality)
  • Thai Bank Book showing deposit account (original)
  • Letter from your Thai Bank (certificate must be signed by the bank official)
  • Three (3) 4×5 cm photos, with full face taken within the last 6 months.
  • Proof of permanent accommodation in Thailand such as lease or rental agreement.

Obtain a Re-Entry Permit

  • If you wish to leave Thailand to visit your family or travel around the world and will come back to Thailand, without a re-entry permit your extension of stay or period of stay will automatically invalidate.
  • The Re-Entry permit comes with two options for the Thailand Retirement Visa holder:

- Single entry; and

- Multiple entries

Reporting Your Stay Every 90 Days and Visa Expiration

  • In case you hold a visa Non-Immigrant Visa Category O (Non O VISA) for retirement in Thailand You must report your stay every 90 days at the nearest immigration office or at the immigration post near your home. These are the legal regulations of the association that must be met in order to be able to stay in Thailand properly.

You also need to be aware of the expiration date of your visa. If your visa has expired You must apply for a new visa before its expiration date to prevent violating immigration laws and being refused permission to stay in Thailand. It is recommended that you keep track of your visa expiration date and proceed to renew your visa well in time before the expiration date. So that your stay has no problems

Our Retirement Visa service in Thailand include

Consultation Services

  • Expert advice on Retirement VISA eligibility and requirements.
  • Personalized consultations to address specific concerns and inquiries.

Document Preparation

  • Comprehensive assistance in preparing and organizing necessary documents.
  • Guidance on obtaining and authenticating required paperwork.

Application Submission

  • Timely and accurate submission of retirement visa applications.
  • Ensuring all paperwork is in order for a smooth application process.

Visa Processing Assistance

  • Monitoring and tracking the progress of your Retirement VISA application.
  • Proactive communication with relevant authorities to expedite processing.

Legal Guidance

  • Expertise in navigating legal aspects related to Retirement VISA.
  • Ensuring compliance with Thai immigration laws and regulations.

Follow-Up Services

  • Continued support throughout the entire visa application process.
  • Regular updates on the status of your Retirement VISA application.

Ongoing Support

  • Continued support beyond visa approval for any additional needs or concerns, such as informing of a 90 days report and visa extension.
  • A dedicated point of contact for ongoing assistance throughout your retirement journey.

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